We distribute very powerful software solutions developed by the Fraunhofer ITWM Institute, Flexstructure (spin-off of Fraunhofer ITWM) and Noesis; in particular:

• From Fraunhofer ITWM:

           o VMC: a tool to simulate a vehicle mission profile, to address its durability and fuel consumption. This is accomplished by considering the morphology of the territory, the driver and (of course) the vehicle;

            o CDTire: a tire physical model to simulate multibody applications (off-line and real time), and for the phenomena in the frequency range up to 250-300Hz;

             o REDAR: system to measure road surfaces

             o RODOS: driving simulator mainly for off-road vehicle

•  From Flexstructure:

           o IPS Cable: real time software to simulate the deformation of wires, hoses and cable bundles of various material type and variety of cross-section profiles;

           o IPS Virtual Paint: software for the simulation of the painting process

           o IPS Sealing: software for the simulation of the Sealing process

           o IPS Robotics: software for the simulation of robotic systems

•  From Noesis:

          o OPTIMUS: a very open, user-friendly Optimizaton  tool (DoE, RSM,...)

          o id8decide: powerful  and efficient manager tool to handle large amounts of datas