more than 13 years' experience

RG Technologies is an engineering company founded in 2003 in Italy, with the aim of supporting its customers in the development of new products through virtual simulations. In over 13 years of business RG Technologies has achieved many objectives in the automotive, aerospace, marine, defense and industry field. The experience gained from those projects allows the company to offer its skills to the market as one of the most established companies in the field of virtual simulations, as well as being a strategic partner in all phases of an industrial project.

RG Technologies has acquired his knowledge in the field of numerical simulations living in close contact with many engineers from several OEM; facing the daily issues that usually emerge during the development of a new vehicle. Thanks to this experience we can certainly say that the RGT engineers know very well the most common CAE tools, enabling them to face new challenges with the confidence of knowing how to manage them. "We will simualte all you can think" is our motto as well as our belief.