In order to always have cutting edge know-how and methodologies we started in 2015 an R&D division. The first two projects carried on were:

DISPAT: the goal of this project was to evaluate the best methodology, by means of Numerical Simulations,  to optimize the behavior of the Passive Safety Systems when they are working in vehicle with Active Safety System installed aboard.

FMSEL: the goal of this project was to study a smart software platform to manage all the most relevant data for an electric (FULL Electric) car sharing fleet, from both the user and the car sharing fleet manager.

Starting from 2016 we focused our R&D efforts in Electric and Autonomuos Vehicles with the goal to enhance the engineering development process of Battery packs and carry on the FMSEL project scope. How to correctly simulate the real physic of a battery pack is one of the main challenges when addressing safety (vehicle involved in an accident) and thermal issues (battery cooling).